RS005 Motion Sensor


Available in both Black and White.

RS005 Motion Sensor Instructions – click here

Product Description

This item attaches to the front channel of a folding Arm Awning at either end. It measures the angle of the front bar and the amount of movement created by wind. When the sensitivity setting is reached, it sends a signal to the awning to close.

When used with a Folding Arm or Cassette Awning motor, it will send a pulse to the motor a few times an hour telling the motor it’s there and working. If the motor stops detecting this pulse due to flat batteries or failure, it will automatically retract the awning after about half an hour to both protect the awning and to alert the owner that the motion sensor is not working. Once the pulse is restored (usually by installing new batteries) normal operation will resume.

Although this item will control a Universal motor, the Universal motor does not have the extra protective functions mentioned above if the item stops sending the pulse. The motion sensor is a more reliable method of protection than the Sun/Wind sensors as it responds to actual physical movement of the front bar and not the wind speed detected by a device mounted nearby.

This unit has 9 pre-determined sensitivity settings.

RS005 Motion Sensor
RS005 Motion Sensor