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WSEC40 5/28 – internal roller blinds


Easy electronic limits.

Can be parallel wired for convenient and cost saving installation.

Best choice for automation system where electrically controlled 4 core motors are required.

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Product Description


These motors are NOT remote control and require a WSB01 limit setting tool to electronically set the limits. Control is via a building management system or by wall switches which are available separately. These motors may be parallel wired if desired. Limits may be set by using either the WSB01 limit setting tool or by using the button on the motor head.

35mm diameter
240V / 50Hz
Electronic limit switch
For use with C-Bus and similar systems
Parallel wiring compatible
Counter balanced noise suppression

It is suitable for: Projection Screens or Roller Blinds

wsb01 limit setting tool
Use with WSB01 limit setting tool (available separately)


Rated Torque (Nm) 5
Output Speed (rpm) 28
Nominal Consumption (W) 116
Nominal Voltage (V) 240
Nominal Current (A) 0.49
Running Time (min) 4
Projection Index (IP) 44
Total Length (mm) 560
Maximum Turns (Turn) Infinity
Net Weight (Kg) 1.35

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WSEC40 5/28 – internal roller blinds

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WSEC40 5/28 – internal roller blinds