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Alpha-Neo Smart Blinds link box

This app is extremely versatile and the easiest to setup that we have seen. Control your motorised products individually, or by area, or the whole house at once from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Or just schedule your daily use to happen automatically. Simply buy the link box, download the app for either Android or Apple, and you’re off and running. The Alpha-Neo app is compatible with every Alpha remote control motor that has ever been sold and all of our current lineup including DC products.

There is no limit to the number of control devices you can connect.

Setup up to 30 control groups (rooms), 8 blinds per group and setup 25 scheduled functions.

Dimensions are 60mm  x 75mm x 30mm

  • Nominal Voltage (V)5
  • Nominal Current (A)1
  • Frequency MHz433.92
  • Code TypeRolling
  • Power Requirements 5v DC
  • Number of Channels Maximum 240 channels