Alpha Tubular Motors Australia


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pdf Alpha 2022 Catalogue

pdf Alpha Warranty Statement

pdf Motor selection guide

pdf Folding arm awning motor selection guide

pdf Motor lifting capacity chart

pdf WSER Universal motor instructions

pdf WSER Universal motor programming quick guide

pdf WSER Cassette awning motor instructions

pdf WSER Cassette awning motor programming quick guide

pdf  WSER50 OD obstacle detection motor

pdf WSER 50 series troubleshooting guide

pdf WSERD30B 2/31 battery motor instructions

pdf  WSERD50 solar powered external motor

pdf  TYB002 solar panel instructions

pdf WSEC Universal motor instructions

pdf WSEC cassette awning motor instructions

pdf WSEC series automation tips

pdf How to set mechanical limits

pdf  4 core motor directional wiring guide (WSEC, WSS, WSEB, WSM, WSME)

pdf  WSEB WSME series motor instructions

pdf-icon  WSME50-E electronic with manual override instructions

pdf  WSM series motor instructions

pdf  WSCMI WSCMJ curtain motor instructions

pdf-icon Assembly of Curtain Track for WSCMJ Motor


pdf Neo Model C-R200 instructions

pdf Neo Model C-BR300 instructions

pdf Using AlphaNeo App with Siri

pdf Connecting AlphaNeo to Google Assistant

pdf Connecting AlphaNeo to Amazon Alexa

pdf RS001 wireless sun/wind sensor instructions

pdf RS002 wired sun/wind sensor instructions

pdf RS001/RS002 sun & wind sensor quick setup guide

pdf RS005 motion sensor instructions

pdf RE101, 102, 103 remote instructions

pdf RE201-203 series remote instructions

pdf RE301, 302, 303 remote instructions

pdf Methods for grouping motors on remotes

pdf RE-DCE relay or switch operated remote instructions

pdf RC201 wall switch/receiver instructions

pdf RC202 wall switch/receiver instructions

pdf RC006 receiver instructions

pdf RC008 receiver instructions