To Manufacturers

ALPHA can offer you the confidence of a well tried and tested product range that is fully compliant to all Australian standards. We offer a 7 year replacement warranty and have the best service policies and technical support in the country. Best of all, our pricing structure allows you to make money, even when the businesses you supply are also ALPHA customers themselves. We currently supply and are the preferred motor of some of the biggest manufacturers in the country.

To Retailers

Are you currently afraid to tell your customers what it costs to motorise the products you sell, or concerned about the quality of motors your customers will pay for?

Talk to your manufacturer about ALPHA Motors. Our motors are age tested to 25 years, have reliability rates that easily compare to the most respected brands on the market and still at a price that allows you to make money. We also have the most elegant controllers with programming even a novice will understand, and a complete product range that ensures we can accommodate all your motorisation needs with very few exceptions.

If you have any questions, contact us via email or phone (02) 43554775

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