Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to say we hope everyone is getting through the current difficult times ok. A special mention to our Victorian customers, some of whom are doing it particularly tough. Let’s hope things move along faster than they are at the moment.

Just a few announcements on some new products and features, so please have a quick look. There is a very good chance there will be something of interest for your business and customers.

You can now use Siri to control our app


We are pleased to announce that if you have the Alpha Neo Hub and the app on an iPhone, in addition to Google and Alexa, you can now use Siri to control your blinds without requiring Apple Homekit. Simply create a scene within the app, for example all blinds to go down, then call the scene “goodnight” and click to add it to Siri. Then you can simply say ‘Hey Siri Goodnight”. This will activate the scene and the blinds will go down, as well as giving you confirmation that the scene was activated. It couldn’t be simpler and the scenes take seconds to set up.

New 3Nm Battery Motor


As many of you know, we have seen enormous success with our 2Nm internal battery motor, the WSERD30B 2/31. This is primarily due to the 50% additional cycles between charges compared to our closest competitors, extraordinary quietness and great reliability. Mostly, this is because of the ground breaking coreless motor technology it incorporates. We are pleased to announce that we will soon introduce a new Coreless technology 3Nm version to the market, the “WSERD30 3/20”. We estimate delivery of the first batch toward the end of October.

Obstacle Detection Motor for Zip Systems


This recently introduced product has proven to be immediately popular with makers of many types of zip style systems. You don’t need an engineering degree to choose the right version, there is only one and it does all sizes (we have tested up to 6m wide). Because you can turn the function off, then do a conventional installation and turn it on again at the end, installation couldn’t be simpler and the motor won’t fight you through the process. If you have tried some of our competitors Obstacle Detection products, you will know exactly what we are talking about. Just be aware that the WSER50 30/17 OD has a star head design as it was created originally for our US market and has 5mm extra deduction compared to our standard 50mm Universal motors.

New Folding Arm Motor with the Lot


Introducing the new WSERM50 50/13 Electronic. This new product is specifically for folding arm awnings. It incorporates both Manual override and electronic limits in the same motor. Normally if you had Manual override, you had to have Mechanical limits which are often unfriendly on folding arm awnings, particularly cassette versions. In the event of a power failure and possible use of the manual override, once power is restored, simply tell the awning to go in (it won’t go out at this point), then after it has found the inner limit position again, it will restore the originally set distance between the inner and outer limits and run as normal.

New Look for Pioneer Series Remotes


Our popular Pioneer series remotes are in the process of being updated at the moment. There will be a new, but similar look, most notably with round buttons. The biggest change though will be the introduction of a battery compartment on the back, so no more unscrewing the back. Expect the changeover late 2020 to early 2021.

We are very proud to be able to say that despite an extraordinary increase in sales in recent months, we have been able to maintain and increase stock levels on all of our primary products throughout this period. All of our departments and partners, from manufacturing, warehousing, sales and distribution have stepped up to ensure we have what you need, when you need it. Our warehouse remains packed to the ceiling, and ready to meet our customer’s needs.

On a personal note, I’d just like to thank everyone for your continued support during these challenging times. We in turn continue to do our best to support you and your businesses in every possible way we can. We are all going through these trying times together, and with each other’s support, we will survive and flourish together.

Kind Regards
David Fezer

ALPHA NEWS Sept 2020
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