WSCMJ AC Curtain Motor


AC Curtain Motor
Electronic limit switch built-in receiver
Auto end limits setting
Soft start and soft stop
Hand operable during power-off
Touch control
3rd intermediate limit position

WSCMI WSCMJ – click here
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Product Description

This new curtain motor replaces the previous WSCME version which is no longer available. Like its predecessor,
it’s available in both AC (WSCMJ) and DC (WSCMI) versions. Although very similar, there are a few main
differences between the AC and DC variants. Both are remote control motors that are compatible with all Alpha
controllers and our Neo App. Dry contact control is also available on both for use with switches or relays. Both
also can be started by hand, have auto limits setting, and have the same pulling capacity of 50kg. Both also
allow the curtain to be drawn by hand if power is disconnected.

The primary differences are as follows:
· Slightly slower run speed for the DC motor 15cm second vs 18cm second
· AC version has RS-485 control, whereas the DC version does not
· AC version comes with normal tail and molex connector
· DC version comes with a wall mount cradle for the battery pack and a removable battery for easier charging


Rated Torque (N.m): 2
Maximum Pulling Weight (kg): 50
Running Speed (cm per second): 18
Nominal Voltage (V): 240
Nominal Current (A): 0.47
Running Time: ∞
Protection Index (IP): 20
Total Length (mm): 300
Maximum Turns: ∞
Net Weight (Kg): 0.92
RS-485 Compatible: Yes
Relay or Switch Control: Yes

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WSCMJ AC Curtain Motor
WSCMJ AC Curtain Motor