WSER50 50/13 Universal – awnings & roller shutters

Product Description

45mm diameter
Power Specifications – 240V / 50Hz
Electronic Limits
Built in Remote Receiver
Wireless limit set up

Suitable for: Very Large internal Blinds, Most external Drop Blinds, some Non-Cassette Folding Arm Awnings and Roller Shutters.

Due to the torque stop function, this motor is ideal for all external straight drop systems. This protective feature can be used to stop on stoppers at the top limit in side channel systems, and can also be used to tension the fabric when the awning is down. A top limit is set normally and the torque stop function can be used in conjunction. Suitable for use with RS001 and RS002, Sun/Wind sensors.

When used with Sun/Wind sensors, this motor detects a pulse from the sensor issued every 20 minutes. If the Awning is down and does not receive a signal from the sensor for half an hour, it will rise automatically as a protective measure assuming the sensor has failed.

10/27 & 30/17 versions of this motor are available both with and without Molex connectors.

Able to lift up to 80Kg (bar and skin) on a 63mm tube, it can easily deal with the largest of drop blinds and is also worth considering for non-cassette folding arm awnings provided you do not wish to use a Sun/Wind or Motion sensor with it.

Cassette Awning motors should always be used on any folding arm awning that has a Sun/Wind or Motion sensor connected to it due to additional protective features.


  • Rated Torque (Nm) 50
  • Output Speed (rpm) 13
  • Nominal Consumption (W) 244
  • Nominal Voltage (V) 240
  • Nominal Current (A) 1.06
  • Running Time (Min) 4
  • Protection Index (Ip) 44
  • Total Length (mm) 600
  • Maximum Turns infinite
  • Net Weight (Kg) 2.65
  • Lifting Capacity 80Kg on 63mm tube

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WSER50 50/13 Universal – awnings & roller shutters
WSER50 50/13 Universal – awnings & roller shutters