WSER50OD 30/17 obstacle detection for zip style systems


Obstacle detection in both directions.

Will differentiate between an obstacle and wind, and react accordingly.

Designed specifically for zip style systems and guided external blinds.

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Product Description

Electronic limit switch
Built-in receiver
Wireless limit setting
External antenna

Designed primarily with Zip style systems in mind, this motor incorporates obstacle detection in both directions. It can stop on stoppers at the top limit if necessary on the way up, but also, if on the way down, the motor detects that the bottom bar has stopped moving in the channel due to getting stuck or hitting an object, it will rebound to a higher point and attempt to go down again. After attempting this 3 times unsuccessfully, it will return to the rebound position and stop.

This motor has a star shaped head which is different to all other Alpha motor heads, and will suit many common mountings used by various manufacturers when producing their product.


Rated Torque (Nm) 30
Output Speed (rpm) 17
Nominal Consumption (W) 226
Nominal Voltage (V) 240
Nominal Current (A) 0.95
Running Time (min) 4
Projection Index (IP) 44
Total Length (mm) 570
Maximum Turns (Turn) Infinity
Net Weight (Kg) 2.45

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WSER50OD 30/17 obstacle detection for zip style systems
WSER50OD 30/17 obstacle detection for zip style systems