WSERD30B 3/20 – internal roller blinds


9-12 months between charges on average.

Quietest battery motor on the market.

Groundbreaking coreless drive.

Suitable for up to 3m x 4.5m roller blind.

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Product Description

This new version of our popular battery motor has a new ground-breaking coreless DC drive inside, that is much more efficient and much quieter than other battery motors.

The WSERD30-B 3/20 motor has internal lithium rechargeable batteries with enough storage for around 9-12 months of average use. It can be used on roller blinds up to 3m x 4.5m.

The fittings for this motor will allow it to be used with a range of tube sizes from 30-50mm in diameter. All of the charging intelligence is taken care of inside the motor, not by a 3rd party charger. This eliminates many of the issues experienced by other brands of DC motors. The motor will indicate both when charging is required, and completed. It cannot be overcharged and it will not start to discharge when the batteries are full as other brands may do. The charger plugs directly into the motor head so there is no need for an unsightly charging cable.

ALDC charger required

  • Charger comes with 3m cable.
  • 3m extension cable also available.
  • Motor comes with 20cm charging tail for optional use, in case the motor head is difficult to access after installation.


  • Rated Torque (Nm) 3
  • Output Speed (rpm) 20
  • Nominal Voltage (V) 12
  • Running Time (Min) infinite
  • Protection Index (IP) 20
  • Maximum Turns infinite
  • Weight (Kg) 0.54
  • Length (mm) 550

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WSERD30B 3/20 – internal roller blinds
WSERD30B 3/20 – internal roller blinds