WSS50GREY 20/17 – economy roller shutter motor


Basic 4 core motor with mechanical limits.

Great motor for an economy price.

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Product Description

Alpha Grey is our new economy product aimed specifically at the roller shutter market, and designed to compete at a price point that the normal premium Alpha product can’t reach. This is a standard mechanical limits motor, available either with or without a molex connector. Although the normal Alpha motors punch well above their weight in terms of performance, the Alpha Grey motors are not as over-engineered as the premium product but absolutely meet their specifications and are a great reliable motor. The warranty has been reduced to the normal industry standard of 5 years and in the cheaper version of the 2 Alpha Grey motors, the Molex connector has also been removed. This motor simply has a 3m tail without a connector.

If you need a competitive edge on price but are tired of buying inferior motors through shutter suppliers that are often not even compliant to Australian standards, why not give Alpha Grey a try.

Order as specified below, respective to your requirements.

WSS50GREY 20/17 With Molex

WSS50GREY 20/17 No Molex


Rated Torque (Nm) 20
Output Speed (rpm) 17
Nominal Consumption (W) 155
Nominal Voltage (V) 240
Nominal Current (A) 0.68
Running Time (min) 4
Projection Index (IP) 44
Total Length (mm) 445
Maximum Turns (Turn) 27
Net Weight (Kg) 2.40

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WSS50GREY 20/17 – economy roller shutter motor
WSS50GREY 20/17 – economy roller shutter motor