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Alpha Motors produce a very high quality range of motorisation products and accessories for indoor roller blinds, awnings, shutters and screens, including stylish, easy to use controllers. Setup a consultation to find out how we are revolutionising the blinds motor industry.

What You’ll Get During This

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Our FREE Tubular Motor Consultation Call can help you get clarity on where you are in your manufacturing business and how adding Alpha Motors revolutionary systems can change your business. 

About Alpha Motors

Alpha offers reliable, intuitive motorisation solutions with a highly competitive edge. Our focus is on genuine high-quality motorization products at a realistic price. All Alpha AC motors carry our 7-year replacement warranty and have been engineered to last 25 years. We also boast some of the most elegant and flexible controllers on the market and our programming is super simple.

Why Alpha Motors?

Alpha has a strong record of success where the company was founded.

We are currently the second bestselling motor in Australia amongst the usual array of European offerings and we are the number one motor by far in external products.

In some categories like External Straight Drop Awnings, we outsell all other brands combined.

The reason for this is simple. The combination of high quality and versatility that could only be found in European motors previously at a price retailers were afraid to quote customers, suddenly became available at a price that retailers were willing to actively promote.

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